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Our employees have this to say about their experience:

"The internship program is structured with a checklist, but it is up to the intern for how fast they move through the checklist. This checklist keeps interns on track, makes sure they are getting something out of the internship, and the freedom to complete it at a good pace. Gives them a great look at how to manage their own operation one day." – Brady Blackwell, Management Trainee Program-Fort Worth, TX 2018 (Summer Intern 2017)

"An unprecedented introduction to an industry with high opportunity." – Christopher House, Management Trainee Program-Baton Rouge, LA 2018 (Summer Intern 2017)

"I was invited to the very first SRS Women's Leadership Forum's Big Event, held in Ft. Worth, TX during the spring of 2015. At the time I was an Assistant Branch Manager of a branch SRS acquired in March of 2014. As someone that has not always put myself "out there", I had promised myself that I would use this time to better myself. That being said, I really had no idea what I was going to experience.

From the minute I entered the Meet and Greet the first day and through today, I have felt part of something bigger. The women in this group have been inviting, motivating, inspiring and uplifting. It was throughout the course of the meetings that the message being sent, loud and clear, was "I am in charge of what my future is." I cannot expect to move up in this company, or any company, without first letting it be known what I wanted.

I went back to work and within the first couple of days, I spoke with my Branch Manager. I let him know that I needed and wanted to learn more. I wanted to be more involved in managing and growing the branch. I wanted to do all of this because I wanted to become a Branch Manager, and I needed my manager to help me get there. I had a very supportive Branch Manager and we worked together to put the plan in motion.

By the next Big Event, held in Las Vegas, NV, in the spring of 2016, I had become the Branch Manager of Bergenfield, NJ. While my journey does not stop there, I have been learning every day since. I'm not entirely sure where my path in SRS will go, but I absolutely love where I am at the present time. I have many goals for the branch and we are getting closer to them all of the time! I cannot do this alone, and have had the support of so many women (and men) in this company, along with the support of other men & women who are our vendor partners.

If someone is not sure about what SWLF can do for them, please first understand, like everything in life - you will get out of it, what you put into it. That being said, you will find the best group of ladies that you will ever have the pleasure of working with! The support and encourangement that is offered is amazing. I have said the same thing each year, but it is a true testament to the women of SRS, that year after year, we can have so many women together for three days and there has never been arguments, cattiness or exclusion by anyone, towards anyone.

While this ended up longer than I intended, I really couldn't summarize how wonderful this group within SRS is, in just a few lines." – Bari Siano, Branch Manager

"SRS invests greatly in our development. We are an active participant in each integral role in the branch. My opinion is valued and I can apply my knowledge to improve processes to benefit our branch." – Stephen Mauzy, Management Trainee Program-Charleston 2018 (Inside Sales and Warehouse employee while finishing senior year, and Summer Intern 2017)

"Gaining the requisite understanding across every business discipline could have taken up to 3-5 years but due to the focused effort of the MBA Leadership Development Program, the capability to evaluate and drive value-added change was achieved in less than a year. Working directly with the highest-level executives at a company of this scale is truly unique and showcases how the entrepreneurial spirit that drives SRS is perfectly defined by this position. There are truly no limits to the personal and professional growth available through this exclusive opportunity." – Jeremy Goldschmeding, Area Vice President-Florida (Assistant Director-Southeast Region, FP&A Director, FP&A Manager and MBA Leadership Development Program in 2015)

"The Manager in Training program is a fast-paced/realistic way to transform hard-working individuals into effective leaders simply by letting the individual experience EVERY aspect of the business from many different angles." – Will Carson, Branch Manager-Tucson, AZ (Management Trainee Program, 2014)

"I joined SRS Distribution in June of 2014 as an MIT (Manager-in-Training). One of the things that attracted me to SRS was the MIT program. I was excited to work for a company that was willing to invest in my training before holding me accountable for responsibilities that I was completely unfamiliar with. My first year with SRS was an adventure, I moved to California, Arizona and then back home to Washington. Since, I was flexible and willing to relocate I advanced very quickly. Within 8 months of working to SRS I was promoted to Assistant Branch Manager. Another exciting event that happened during my first year with SRS was the start of the Women's Leadership Forum. This forum was created to support, promote and network with other women within our organization. This forum has followed me to connect with other women that have been through similar experiences as I have. Fast forward 5 years later and I am now a Branch Manager for SRS. I have a network of women within the company that I can reach out to anytime and I still feel excited of what my future with SRS holds." – Gabriela Martinez, Branch Manager

"From day one, I felt welcomed by each employee and found myself serving an important role. A company whose motto is 'Make Money and Have Fun!' is a perfect explanation of who we are. Every person, from my branch to the corporate office, has such a passion to grow and expand this business and enjoy every second of it. The outstanding corporate structure, the work environment, the professionalism, the assertiveness in the market, the teamwork, and the fun, are all reasons why my experience this summer was exceptional. I look forward to my future with SRS." – Brinson Straub, Territory Manager-Montgomery, AL (Management Trainee, 2017 and Summer Intern, 2016)

"The Management Trainee Program exposes you to every aspect of the job that a Manager may encounter, and through those hands-on experiences you have the opportunity of becoming an Assistant Manager or Branch Manager early-on in your career. I applied myself and proved that I was ready to take on the next step to accelerate my career." – Pete Bachman, Director of Operations Innovation-McKinney, TX (District Manager, Branch Manager and Management Trainee, 2014)

"I've been working for SRS Midwest Roofing Supply for about three months now. I came from a food production company where there were few opportunities for growth. I started seeking other opportunities for growth. I started seeking other opportunities and found SRS, I was hired in as warehouse, but shortly after starting I was offered a logistics specialists position. I accepted the position and was sent for two weeks to Chicago for in house classes to prepare me for my CDL test, where I learned a lot and had fun doing it. I love the people I work with and I love the work I do. Every time I meet a boss of some caliber I expect the stereotypical boss to be feared and avoided, but I haven't met one yet that doesn't present themselves with a smile and approachability. Here at SRS there isn't his and hers jobs, if something needs done, it's a group effort. I look forwards to what is in the future here at SRS." – Ryan Monday, Logistics Specialist II

"Learning the operations side of the business as an MIT, gave me insight on what it takes for the branch to run on a daily basis. Having that background made the transition to sales easier as I know what it takes for our inside sales operation to complete deliveries and take care of our customers." – Sheldon Jones, Territory Manager (Management Trainee Program, 2013)

"I started with SRS as an MIT (Manager-in-Training) in August of 2018. Although my time here has not been long, SRS has shown me several times that this company is one that will work with you through any situation you may be in. SRS constantly pushes to work its hardest and to exceed all expectations. I am honored to have been chosen to work for a company that has a great culture and works with everyone as a team rather than as just a corporation.

I recently travelled to Charleston, SC to attend an annual SRS Women in Leadership Conference. This was my first year attending the Big Event and I was amazed on how well it was planned and how many women attended. We were given the opportunity to communicate as a group and discuss any concerns/ideas that we had. It was really great to have that support from the other women leaders working for SRS. It is events like the women's conference that make me glad to work for SRS. I look forward to going to future events like this." – Amber Hayes, MIT

"Within a year of starting the MIT program I was managing my own branch and loving it. With hard work, dedication and a little mobility, the advancement possibilities are endless." – Justin Harrod, held Branch and District Manager positions (Management Trainee Program, 2014)

"Being an Intern for SRS Distribution has been an invaluable experience. It was a pleasure to have been part of such a successful and growing company. They leveraged every moment and opportunity to expose me to all aspects of the business. Over the course of the internship, I developed great relationships that I know will always be part of my network. One of my takeaways is that each and every part of the business is critical to the success of the company. SRS is an incredible company to work for, with great people who take pride in what they do, and great processes that focus on customer service." – Brandon Loftus, Management Trainee-Denver, CO, 2017 (Summer Intern, 2016)

"A few of the main reasons as to why I joined SRS included training, employee advancement and learning about a new industry. All while having fun." – Gabriela Martinez, Branch Manager (Assistant Branch Manager, Management Trainee Program, 2015)

"Our success rate is nearly 100% and the potential is limitless. Take it from someone who started as a Management Trainee just 20 short years ago. It prepared me for Branch Management in my first year and many of the lessons I learned in those years still shape the vision and operating philosophy that I use as the CEO of the company today." – Dan Tinker, President & CEO (Held many positions and started in the Management Trainee Program, 1996)